The mission of the Kenosha Opera Festival is to create high quality art and provide accessible, excellent classical and operatic music experiences to the greater Kenosha community.
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  " Injecting FunFacts! — and fun in general —
       into the world of opera comes easily to
       Huff and Bingen."
       — LIZ SNYDER

             KENOSHA NEWS

The Kenosha Opera Festival is a new opera company in beautiful Kenosha, Wisconsin. We bring professional operatic performances to Kenosha, and we strive to complement and uplift the various ethnic and cultural communities here. Joining with our strong local partners, we are excited to bring some of the best stage repertoire there is to Kenosha’s own shores.

The Kenosha Opera Festival is dedicated to a summer opera but facilitates or hosts a variety of both free and ticketed musical events, such as recitals or concerts, during our festival. Please check out our upcoming events, or events of our partners, today!

The Kenosha Opera Festival is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.




To produce the highest level opera we possibly can, and execute all things big or small to the most quality standard possible.



To support our whole community and its people, wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. To weave our values into the fabric of all our work, so that we build up our neighbors in everything we do.



To adhere to firm moral principle and increase the good in all things. To be goodwill actors with everyone we encounter without prejudice for race, ethnicity, gender (binary, non-binary, or other identification), sexual orientation, or any other innate quality. To never tolerate hateful or predatory behavior and eliminate the moral wrong from our spheres. To do good; not simply ‘look’ good.